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Ariellah Healing Centre

Ariellah Healing Centre is a sacred space which has been created to bring rest, healing and a sense of peace and calm to all who are searching to heal or expand their lives. The Angels have a beautiful light energy and are only waiting for you to ask for their help, guidance and healing.

I welcome you on behalf of the Angels and your Spirit guides on this remarkable journey that will transform your life. All therapies I have studied and experiences I have had are the tools that have helped me channel in the highest energy available to me so I can become a clearer channel and in turn make this energy and information available to others.

It is my desire to help and guide others to open their own channel to their higher self and the world of spirit in turn bringing them to a place of self healing and empowerment. I am but a facilitator of this energy as the real healing comes from the client.

Therapies at Ariellah

One to one sessions are typically one hour and 30mins. After a session the client usually feels very relaxed, lighter and invigorated. There is no charge for Absent Healings.
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Therapies Offered

Holistic Massage, Indian head massage & Healing Facials
IET - Training & Healing with the energy of Angels
Chakra Balancing & Dowsing
Psychic Intuitive healings with readings from spirit
Shamanic work, Re-birthing, Past life regressions & Cutting Ties
Healing the Inner child
Aura soma colour therapy & beamer light pen
Angel therapy, Magnified healing & ARCH healing
Access consciousness 'The Bars'
Personal Guided meditations
Soul readings - "The Akashic records" - Read more & book online

About Pauline

Pauline Murray has been studying and practising various healing therapies since 1997. She studied nursing in Galway and has vast experience in the caring profession and also a mother of five wonderful children.She recovered from a serious life threatening illness and went through a massive life change. This crisis was the Birthing of a new Life, leading to her work as a Spiritual teacher and Energy Practitioner.

+353 87 610 8518     paulinemurray56@hotmail.com     Knocknacarra, Galway City

Pauline Murray

"Through my experiences and study I have come to believe that illness and challenges in our lives come from not remembering who we truly are. I also believe that we all have the power to heal and manifest whatever it is we feel we may require at any given time.This power comes from a letting go. A letting go of limiting belief patterns, fears and conditions. The therapies that I have studied have brought a deep understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The magnetic field that surrounds our physical body is known as the 'Aura' I have come to sense, feel and clear this energy field which contains all of the energy of our Emotions, Thoughts and Past lives. These bodies need to be acknowledged and allowed work in unison for us to maintain health , balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives"..