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The Akashic records

The Akashic records

Akasha is Sanskrit for Ether or Sky . The Akashic records hold all the sacred information and knowledge about our soul. They record every experience and every choice our soul has ever made in any lifetime from our very first incarnation. These records are held at a higher dimension in the etheric and can be accessed for the healing and clearing of our energy. The akashic records are also known as the 'book of life'.

Soul reading, clearing and realignment

Reading and having access to the Akashic Records is a privilege. When you have your records read you will discover the following information and experience the loving vibration of the akashic guides.

  • - Who you are at a soul level.

  • - Where your soul energy originated.

  • - What your Divine gift is in this lifetime.

  • - What blocks and restrictions are causing your energy to attract certain experiences into your life.

  • - What choices you have made in the past or even in past lifetimes that are causing these blocks and restrictions now in this life time.

  • - What level your vibration is,and what is influencing that vibration.

  • - How many guides you have.

  • - Lifetimes that are having a positive influence on your life now.

After I read and reveal this information we can then request to heal and clear it. Some clients will feel immediate realignment,empowerment and fully energised. For others it may take a few weeks and in some cases other blocks and restrictions may arise for healing and clearing as Emotional and mental energies are released.
In my experience this process is incredibly powerful and will bring you to the next level of your spiritual journey, enhance your gifts of healing, intuitiveness, health and abundance.

Expand your level of consciousness and awareness. Bring more love and joy into your life!

Readings are done over Skype, phone or can be done in person.

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Readings can be done on Zoom, over the phone or in person.

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**Please note that I am based in Ireland so readings will take place between 10am - 10pm GMT**